Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Instant Collection.

Large Vintage German Cream and Blue Painted Coffee Grinder Dienes PeDe

Vintage German Circa 1950s Wooden Coffee Grinder with Red Wooden Accents

Vintage Circa 1940s Wooden Coffee Grinder From Poland

Large Antique German Wooden Coffee Grinder Rustic Restoration Project

Large Vintage Circa 1940s Wooden Coffee Grinder Honey with Dovetail Finish by PE DE Diennes

Large Vintage German Green Metal Coffee Grinder with Wooden Drawer

Large Vintage German 1930s Wooden Coffee Grinder by Zassenhaus Rustic

Vintage German Circa 1930s Wooden Espresso Mocha Grinder by KYM Curved Wood with Flip Top and Drawer

Would love to snap all these up for my next collection.

All from this lovely esty shop.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


The Kitchen Sink
'The kitchen sink'

'Short black and sides'

Light a Candle Make a Wish
'Light a candle make a wish'

Breakfast in Bed
'Breakfast in bed'
I love giving gifts. I love getting gifts, who doesn't! So naturally i adore the concept of the 'Bindle'  now the gist of it is, these are basically very well curated hampers for different specific theme or occasion. Although only available in Australia i think the rest of the world can use these templates as general rule of thumb in gift giving.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Birthday Boy.

Couldn't be more pleased at how this ones turned out. Couldn't be more lucky.
Happy Birthday dear!
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