Friday, March 25, 2011

Finds of the day.

Today i braved the outside with out a jacket. I appreciate blue skies and sunshine so much more now than when i lived in australia. Its taken me a while though to realize just because its sunny out this does not mean its warm. I went for a nice wonder to the post office and stopped off to get a few things on the way back too!

An excellent vintage cluedo THE ONLY board game i don't hate.

A cook book with a picture of a tin we have!! but thats not why i bought it honestly! Its by donna hay and she's Australian y'know it also has some delicious recipes and a section all about picnic food! brilliant!

Green swede ankle boots what more can i say i couldn't leave them behind! The old lady said "i knew someone young would buy these"

And a lovely white linen table cloth that needs a good wash and a clans of scotland tea towel.

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