Saturday, June 11, 2011

worth a read

If you know me at all you'll know i am obsessed by magazines and these are my pick of the best. and best looking. I am sure they are not at all new to you but they each come with a little "review" read on if your interested and i would love and recommendations if you have any.

I first stumbled across Frankie at issue 2 and have read ever since. Wile living in scotland my mother has kindly posted me every issue. I recently stumbled across a lonely one in london and bought it in so much excitement and after realized i already had the issue at home on my bedside table but it always reminds me of home so more the better i say. I would love to get my grubby mitts on issue one but they are charging a cheeky 200AUD for it these days. 

This one is always a gem and by far the most pleasing to the eye, I think i let out an audible hooray when i spotted this the other day, i can never find Lula anywhere!

I was at the Red Door Gallery when i picked up the first issue of oh comely the kind lady working had spotted my Frankie and was sharp enough to recommend oh comely which had only arrived that day! This has to be the best independent magazine Britain has to offer it defiantly warms your insides on a rainy scottish day.

This one is never found in this country but its one of those i can only describe as "all killer no filler" it really is that good and without trying to be offensive and obvious i really think Australia does it better!! and i am feeling strangely patriotic!

A new one to me but had spotted this one all over blog world and stumbled across it in person randomly. I am still warming to this as its fairly wordy it but boy does it look lovely on the coffee table.

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