Friday, May 27, 2011

Borough Market.

Borough Markets in London was on my must do list so our friend Tom unbeknown was put in charge of getting me there he wove us through London in and out of the Tate book shop under bridges and over bridges (thanks Tom). The space that holds the markets and surrounding shops is beautiful and well worth the visit so so many old hand painted signs (if you've been reading for a wile you would know we are suckers for them.) Anyway the reason i dragged the boys around London to here was because i was desperate to visit Monmouth Coffee Co and i get stupidly excited/ and annoyingly judgmental about coffee John would tell you he hates going for coffee with me!

It was marvelous. I had a latte and Tom had a single origin filter coffee. The space was small and had a communal table with a large plate of bread butter and jam all you can eat for £3 we sat on stools at the window looking out onto the street. John was less as impressed as this coffee shop sells only coffee!! so we went for a wonder and got him a brownie he sure was spoiled for choice as we wondered around the vendors selling all sorts of loveliness.

(pictures 5 and 7 via here)

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