Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Torridon Adventures

Sorry, its taken a little bit of time to pull this post together. I hope all our British readers had a great long weekend? (thanks Will and Kate!) We had a great time with friends up in Torridon in the north-west of Scotland.

We meandered up the west coast stopping every now again to admire the views/castles/deer.

And this is the lovely house we were staying in. It was like a treasure-trove full of quaint things inside.

I loved all the wood paneling.

Oh, and this was the view we woke up to every morning from our bedroom window - pretty good huh?

It also gave us a pretty speculator view of the wildfires sweeping across the mountains.

We went on some lovely walks during our stay, however we spent most of the weekend basking in the sun by the side of a stream, a waterfall, a loch (i even went for a swim!) or by the sea on our doorstep.

We ventured out a couple of times to a nice little seaside village called Sheidaig where we ate lunch in the village pub and perused round 'Nanny's' - the village shop. Sally twisted my arm to buy a little souvenir…

What a great weekend.


  1. It looks so idyllic there! What a beautiful way to spend the long weekend!

  2. Shieldaig pup holds some fond memories for me Argyles. Torridon is one of my favorite memories, it's so beautiful there.

  3. So many have heard but do not believe how stunning Torridon is. You guys have gone and allowed those doubting Thomas's to see how amazing this part of Scotland is. It looks like you had a fantastic holiday. Hope to catch up soon.

    P.S why is the blog called Blue&brown? Is it a play on black and White?

    Loving the photos



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