Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Is my Best friends birthday! So we are flying to london to see her. She is the best of the best! For 90% of our friendship we have lived in different countries but we where made for each other so that never mattered. We first met in art class when Jen put "jamie" on the stereo we bonded over this very unpopular choice of the dashboard confessional cover of the Weezer song. We then spent alot of our time drinking red wine on the floor of dirty pubs and sleeping most of the day. She inspires me endlessly and i am unashamedly jealous of everything she does. 

So pal If nothing else i hope these pictures from our past will make you smile. Sorry i have got you a crap present!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding! Lovely snaps of you both!

  2. Hey Sally,
    It's my best friend's birthday today, too! We've also not lived in the same place for the last 15 years...but we've been BFF since we were small. I will see her this summer when we will introduce our baby girls, Olive and Winnie to each other.
    Have a lovely time!

  3. ah thats excellent! maybe Olive and Winnie will be besties from far away too!!


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