Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get up.

I am making a conscious decision to give you's (terrible grammar i know but its late) a break from our small family's holiday snaps as i have got my film developed and are gonna hit you all over again with some proper real film snaps *soon. *i swear. *i hope. the last few days i have spent in between working odd hours making my way through an ever long list of real important things i need to do. the only benefit of having a list of really important life things to do is that i procrastinate by doing the other normal to do list jobs today i folded my souvenir tea towel collection (after realizing i really do have a collection more on that later), colour coded my cardigans, ironing table cloths, polishing the toaster, and looking around Erin Hansons website and following good tips about not being lazy! she is also the credit of the above photos. go see.


  1. Hmm! still top of my to do list is - finnish S and J's present ...or give up and buy them something cool instead! Im sorry Im so behind!

  2. I really should call my parents.... hmmm

  3. mills!! can you actually put come see us on the top of your list!! i love you more than presents!


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